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Media Removal

Media removal, supply and placement

Removal & Disposal
We can arrange to remove any quantity of spent media or sludge using our own custom adapted vehicles in any location so that you can be assured that your waste is being handled, transported and disposed of properly ( an important consideration in light of forthcoming legislation on waste disposal ).Filtec Water Services. Filtec has been accredited in all aspects of waste handling, transportation and disposal including SEPA registration using a procedure to comply with 1990 - Section 34 "Duty of Care". Read More »

We offer a complete range of support and filter media to the appropriate BEWA or BSI standards or, where required, to customers own specification. Delivery of media is carried out by our own skilled staff using our own vehicles which ensures that there is no cross-contamination.

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We can place any amount of media even in the most difficult of locations using our own purpose built plant which ensures that your media is installed with the minimum of degradation. Using our in-house designed media placement unit we can place media up to five times faster than conventional air blown methods thereby speeding up delivery and minimising downtime. Unlike air blown placement systems, our placement unit uses water as the transport method. This cushions the filter media preventing high-speed particle collision that can break down the media itself .